A message from Loren Stacy

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

In the most recent issue of Churchright, my lead article, written almost two months ago, attributes a certain description of leadership to Bill Hybels. Unfortunately, in the last two months since I wrote that article, more and more evidence has been brought forward that Bill Hybels may be guilty of personal moral failures. At least ten women have come forward, alleging that he abused them. Most recently, the two lead pastors and the entire Board of Elders of Hybels’ Church have resigned, stating that they believe the women and that they, the Board of Elders, failed to hold Hybels accountable.

In the last few days, I have received emails stating concern that I cited Bill Hybels in my article. I am reaching out to our Church’s members and friends by means of this letter to acknowledge the pain and suffering of each and every person who has been abused by Bill Hybels or by any other Church leader. There is absolutely no excuse for abusive behavior and those who are the victims of such abusive behavior deserve our care, our sympathy, and our support. My citation of Bill Hybels as the source of the “From Here to There” description of leadership, written before the most recent disclosures concerning him, in no way endorses or seeks to lessen the seriousness of the horrible behaviors he is alleged to have inflicted on others. Such behaviors cannot be, nor are they, tolerated within the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day).

I apologize to those who I offended and to those whose personal pain I intensified by mentioning Bill Hybels in my article. I certainly did not intend to cause offense or pain. Please forgive me.


Loren Stacy, General Conference President