Children’s Curriculum: Fall 2017

Intermediate. In The Bible and the Beginning students will learn that the Bible is God’s own Word, given to people through men He selected and inspired to write. Several lessons explain how the Bible came into being, its purpose and content, and how it came to us. One lesson talks about our indescribable God and Creator, who provided the Bible for us

Primary. God Gave His Son Jesus to Us teaches students that God gave His Son Jesus to us; that Jesus was born an ordinary baby; that He grew up knowing He was the true Passover Lamb who would die for us; and that He was baptized and overcame temptations through the power of God’s Word. Students also learn that Jesus called men to follow Him, that He ministered to the needs of others, and that did all this so we might follow Him and allow Him to transform our ordinary lives into extraordinary ones.

Preschool. Students studying Immanuel, God with Us will learn about the life of Jesus — from His birth, to His baptism and calling of His disciples, and then to the early part of His ministry. They will learn that God wanted people to truly know Him, so He sent His own Son Jesus to our world. Through Him, we can know God. Students will learn that God came to our world, not as a mighty king, but as a humble babe. Although He grew up as an ordinary child, Jesus knew that God was His Father. He called people to follow Him and tell others about Him. As Immanuel, Jesus performed miracles to bless and teach people truths about God.