Transforming Vision into Reality

My predecessor, Elder Whaid Rose, was used by God to cast for us a wonderful Vision of a Vibrant 21st Century Church. With slight improvements over the years, this vision is Christ centered, Distinct but not exclusive, Sabbath observing, Bible based, Spirit formed, Passionate in Worship, Compassionate in Service, Bold in Witness, Warm in Fellowship, and Committed to Discipleship. It’s a vision of a church I’m blessed to belong to, but it’s also a vision that has not yet been realized.

In his book The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni distinguishes between core and aspirational values. The two are often mistaken. Aspirational values are not core values; they are only wishful thinking. The same observation may be made about our church’s vision. Stating it is not the same as achieving it. Christ has provided us a wonderful vision of the church we want to be and that, with His help, we can be.

I am grateful God is at work transforming our vision into our reality, but more can be done. There are things we can do as local congregations, districts, G. C. ministries, and one church — the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) — to make our aspirations our actualities. The most important transformation must occur within each member. The Church of God (Seventh Day) will never actually be Christ centered, Distinct but not exclusive, etc. until each one of us lives out those elements of the vision. Our church will never be something its members are not. As Christ leads us into the future, each of us must commit to allow Him to transform our aspirations into our actualities, our vision into our reality.

Have you made that commitment? Are you fulfilling it? This issue of Churchright provides news of many among us who are participating in this transformation — evidence of Christ’s work. These are exciting times to be a part of the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day)!

— Loren Stacy
Published in February – March 2016 issue of Churchright


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