Women’s Ministry Updates

West Coast District: Women’s Ministry Updates

(Please see the August-September issue of Churchright, page 2, for the first item in this report.)


Our Mission Statement: West Coast District Women’s Ministry serves to support our local churches by creating opportunities to connect women into deeper relationships with God and each other, empowering them in the areas of spiritual growth, teaching, learning, equipping, healing, and restoration.

To strengthen our ministry impact daily in the lives of women, we have identified a need to establish Women Support Advocates in our local churches who can walk beside our pastoral staff as supportive helpers. These advocates give encouragement to women going through difficult situations. They offer confidential woman-to-woman support, lend a listening ear, cover her in prayer, lead her to God’s Word, and provide resource referral assistance based on the individual’s needs.

If your church is interested in learning more about the Women Support Advocates position, contact Jennifer Stucker (jenstucker@msn.com) for more information on how to get started.


The Marion church launched its Women’s Mentoring Ministry, Heart to Heart Ministry, in April. Currently, twelve women are participating in one-on-one mentoring relationships. Members of the Women’s Mentoring Ministry Leadership Team are Jacque Rudolph, Barbara Burrell, Julie Gjesdal, Nickki Gjesdal, and Jan Pederson-Shibley. Ministry sponsors are Martha Ling and Jennifer Stucker. Dixie Deedon is serving the Marion church in her new role as Women Support advocate.

Attendees at Marion church mentor training event

Southern California

In April, women from six churches from the Southern California area met in Ontario, California, for a Women’s Leadership workshop. The workshop encouraged women to excel as they serve God in their churches and personal lives. Many women left feeling the Spirit move them toward sanctification. We hope that from this, many women answer the call to join the Southern California’s Women’s Ministry team!


The Spokane congregation recently held an all-day women’s retreat at in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Focusing on the theme “Growing Together,” we worked on our personal testimonies for those brief moments when you want to share with someone what the Lord has done in your life.

Spokane church attendees from “Growing Together” women’s retreat

Two new ministries for women are being launched in the near future. One is Growth Partners. Women will be matched with other women in one-on-one relationships that will provide encouragement, prayer support, and/or Bible study with each other. We will also begin doing quarterly workshops on various interests. We are excited to deepen our relationships in these new ways this year!

Kamin Sandford has been appointed as Women’s Ministry coordinator and Women’s Support advocate. She serves as a liaison between the board of elders, Pastor Brian Larson, and the women of the Spokane church.

— Jennifer Stucker