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Pastor Troy Gedack and his wife, Wendy, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, have one of the busiest local church programs in the Central District. You might have been enjoying Wendy’s photography on the BA covers this year.

This congregation has a spiritually uplifting and well-balanced program. Each weekday, there are devotions on Facebook (; One-Page Biblical Studies (; Sabbath school on Zoom (; and Sabbath services on YouTube ( The church is also holding a Homeless Sack Lunch Assembly, with 125 lunches assembled the first Sabbath of each month; an Iron Sharpens Iron mentorship program for every member; and an Emergency Preparedness Team for almost every need and situation.

It’s no surprise that the Colorado Springs church regularly adds new members to the church family: 29 in four years. Learn more about this energetic congregation at

If you want to see more of Wendy’s delightful scenic photography, visit