Sharing Jesus.

On April 30, 131 people from the Chicago-area churches met at the Addison church to learn how to share Jesus Christ with “pre-Christians.” Elders Mike Vlad and Larry Zaragoza led this day-long [...]


The Chicago-area women’s group held its revival meeting at the Calumet City church on May 8. Guest speaker Jochebeth Martinez is the Women’s Ministry leader for the General Conference in Mexico. [...]

Big on small churches.

On June 25, the Church of God in Petersburg, MI, hosted an all-day seminar, presented by Elder Whaid Rose. The Fort Wayne, IN; Holland, MI; Moundsville, WV; and Saginaw, MI churches were [...]

Grateful Hearts

The “Grateful to God” service was held in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at the Lafayette Street church on June 17-18. Guests arrived from the Bowser Avenue church, along with visitors from Ohio and [...]

Youth ministry.

The Lafayette Street church hosted Minister Rex Miller on April 23 to preach during the morning service. In the afternoon, Bowser Avenue joined the gathering and led praise and worship. Brother [...]

On the move.

Congratulations to our new church in Lake Worth, FL! Formerly in West Palm Beach, it moved several months ago when a building was purchased. Co-pastored by Brothers Margarito and Jose Perez, the [...]

Area 3 worship.

The doors of the Eperanza Viva church in Houston opened to 85 youth and young adults on April 30 for a worship night. The message encouraged them to remember the special place God has given each [...]


On May 14, our sister church, New Hope United, celebrated ten years of God’s grace in their midst. The congregation enjoyed a blessed service and message, as well as a time of fellowship. We [...]

SWORD joy.

More than 100 young adults gathered at the CoG7 Truevine in Austin, TX, on May 21. During the day, the young adults learned about the joy they can find in such areas as evangelism, finances, [...]

Leadership meeting.

On May 22, the Area 1 pastors and leaders gathered in at the CoG7 Piedra Angular. Pastors and leaders were introduced to the GC Initiatives. Virtually and in person, different speakers went over [...]