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What’s Your System?

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. 

– W. Edwards Deming 

Recently, Pastor Andy Stanley personalized that quote for a gathering of church leaders: “Your [church] system is perfectly designed to get the results you’re getting.” The concept is simple: A given result is the product of a given process. Therefore, if we want to change the result we are getting, we need to change the process (system) we are using.

Responses to a survey of pastors and other leaders within the General Conference, conducted months ago, indicate that many are dissatisfied with results achieved in evangelism and growing new believers toward spiritual maturity. They are not seeing the number of baptisms they hope to see or observing the spiritual growth they hope to observe. What system or process is producing these unsatisfactory results? Unfortunately, it appears that the evangelism and mentoring system within many of our congregations is to have no intentional evangelism and mentoring system. Said another way, the system is to continue to do what has always been done and hope for better results.

Because a different system is needed in our church, a GC Evangelism and Disciple-Making Task Force is developing tools and training for GC congregations. We are imagining a system in which every member is trained to share the gospel. They would consider telling people about Jesus and leading people to a personal relationship with Jesus to be as normal as breathing. We are imagining a system in which every GC congregation is a welcoming church, a safe and nurturing place for Jesus seekers and for new believers. And we are imagining a system in which every congregation offers vibrant, Christ-centered small groups in which people may be brought to Jesus and grow in Him. 

Part of this system is already available and being implemented. More is on the way! What’s your system?

— Loren Stacy

Focus on Jesus and Follow His Plan

Congratulations, Grads!

Artios Christian College celebrated its 2021 graduates with a virtual graduation ceremony on Sabbath, August 7. This was our first virtual graduation ceremony ever! We appreciate the collaboration of the SWD Media Team for pulling the event together in a seamless and beautiful video. If you missed the ceremony and would like to celebrate with our graduates, you may view it here: 

— Lisa Harp Hinds

50 years!

On July 15, District Superintendent Chip Hinds and his wife, Mary, celebrated 50 years of marriage. They have three daughters and five grandchildren. God has been faithful to this couple, and we praise the Lord for their testimony of love and faith.

New church registration.

On July 31, Elder Chip Hinds and Area 1 Representative Iván Villeda presented the Certificate of Affiliation to Monte Hermon, a new church in Grand Prairie, TX, led by Pastor Ramon Ruiz. Please help us officially welcome these brethren to our community of believers in Jesus Christ!

Helping the community.

Brethren from the Brownsville, TX-Shalom church gave 348 backpacks on August 8 to children enrolled in a project that is part of a local school district. The children who received these backpacks do not live with their parents due to abuse, abandonment, parental imprisonment, or other issues. Having made this provision for several years, our brethren rejoice that they could resume this summer blessing for the children in their community. 

Youth Concert

On August 7, the El Paso Central Church was blessed to hold a concert involving the following youth from several of our congregations: Melissa and Angelica Luevano (Tigua); Caleb Lopez (Tree of Life); and Richie Prieto, Paulina and Jio Herrera, Paola Beard, and Jaziel Trejo (Central Church). Several brothers from these congregations visited the El Paso congregation, and we enjoyed ourselves in the Lord. 

May God bless our young people for such a beautiful initiative. We thank God for them, and we pray that they will always have our Lord in their lives. We also hope that this will be the beginning of several more concerts so that our young people, and the rest of our congregations, can continue spending time together.

Learning the Word.

The children’s ministry in Area 3 held its “Meet Daniel” contest on August 22. Several churches in the area participated, and parents and teachers celebrated the children’s accomplishments. The day was full of joy knowing our children are learning the Word of God. First place winners were Illania Jagrup (Galena Park) and Angel Santos (Bethesda).

Off to school.

Recently, the Central Church of El Paso said goodbye to one of our youth, Jiovan Herrera, who was heading to Michigan to enroll in Spring Vale Christian School. The congregation and his parents prayed for him. We are sure that our Lord will keep him and the rest of his friends from our sister churches who also enlisted in this school: Caleb López (Tree of Life) and James Hernández (Tigua). May our God bless and keep them safe!

Welcome to the GC!

On Saturday, May 29, Pastor Walter Apen and family visited the CoG7 mission in Lexington, KY, to officially recognize it as a Conference church. As a district representative of Area #3, Pastor Apen performed the recognition service, as well as two baptisms, presentation of children, and a marriage blessing on Sunday, May 30. The new leader who is serving as local pastor is Emmanuel Huerta and his wife, Sendy. The two sisters in Christ who were baptized were Maria Paiz and Debora Sontay.

Blessed in Marietta.

During an afternoon service on Saturday, July 31, Pastor Walter Apen and family, along with Superintendent Steve Krome, officially recognized the mission CoG7 in Marietta, GA, as a GC congregation. This church was originally established by the CoG7 Stone Mountain, GA church. Pastor Apen delivered the message “Committed to Testifying.” He and Superintendent Krome prayed for and blessed the newly elected church leaders. The new congregation (pictured below) is led by Hubaldo Hernandez and his wife, Julie.

Lending a Hand

The Central District has not held many inter-church events recently (camps, retreats, Super Sabbaths, etc.) because of the pandemic. However, the district superintendent arranged for various ministers to go to local churches to bless and encourage them. Here are a few highlights. 

Elder Mike Vlad and his wife, Debbie, worked hard for a full weekend assisting the church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In North Platte, Nebraska, Elder Monico Muffley and his wife, Martha, baptized and encouraged new members. They also performed special personal prayer and counseling ministries. 

Elder David Lozano preached and taught in the Philadelphia church (Chicago). In Schuyler, Nebraska, Elder Noe Reyes spent a full weekend for a revival with the sizeable congregation there. Elder Juan Arzet and Brother Carlos Garcia (Cicero and Damen churches in Chicago) have evangelized extensively and assisted with special needs of many people in a remote area of Guatemala.

Two special evangelism projects are happening in the Central District. One is sponsored by the district board, using nine churches and many copies of our GC book This We Believe. In the second evangelism project, Elders Mike Vlad and Larry Zaragoza will travel to some of our local churches in the district to train members in effective one-on-one evangelism. Right now, they are scheduled to be at Addison (Chicago) and possibly Colorado Springs.

We hope and pray that our district ministry events, camps, retreats, and Super Sabbaths will be restored to their normal and effective pace in 2022 freed of the pandemic’s existence and effect. 

Music lessons.

A young boy named Yassel approached one of St. Paul’s praise team musicians and asked, “Can I sit beside you and watch and learn?” Almost every Sabbath the boy sits in the spot provided for him, while Joe Carbajal plays either keyboard or grand piano. Perhaps in the future, this young man will sit where Joe sits now, thanks to his desire to learn music. Several members of the St. Paul praise team started by watching, learning, and practicing at a young age.

Family camp.

Local churches in Area #1 sponsored a Family Camp at Crystal Springs Camp near Medina, ND. About 85 attended on Sabbath from several area churches, including Wisconsin. A youth camp and marriage retreat activity were integrated into this event, and two special moments added flavor and joy to the weekend: the wedding of Dick Montanez and Sue Knight, performed by Elder Oscar Mata, and the baptism of a young man by Elder Steve Kyner.

New Pastor

The Denver church in Thornton, Colorado, has chosen Elder John Marlin and his wife, Amy, as their new pastoral team. The couple comes from Mesa, Arizona. We welcome the Marlins as they begin their work in the Central District. 

Making Up for Lost Time

The past year and a half has challenged our district psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. We’ve endured the roller coaster ride of opening and closing the church doors; of distancing, then being near and far again; of meeting virtually or in person and then a combination of the two; of losing membership, then gaining and losing again. 

But none of these challenges were insurmountable as we waited to hold joint district gatherings again. Kudos to our local church elders and their teams for finding interesting and ingenious ways to encourage the membership to worship God while endeavoring to stay safe during the pandemic.

In conjunction with the district, Parkland CoG7 hosted its annual family campmeetings after an absence last year. A successful and well-attended campout placed our youth as the primary focus. Considering they were placed at a disadvantage during the surge of the pandemic, we learned that we need to allow youth a safe space to establish new friendships and rekindle old ones. Special classes, with a lot of free time, were organized for the FYCers and Seekers.

Thunderstorms and colder weather could not deter our youth’s enthusiasm to regain ground lost because of the need to isolate. As we continue to focus on Jesus and follow His plan, the thrust of the district is to find and fund the involvement and development of our youth.

New Artios Team Member

We are grateful to announce that Brian Franks will serve as dean of Academic Affairs. He will also continue as pastor of the Tulsa, Oklahoma Church of God (Seventh Day).

Brian is a graduate of LifeSpring School of Ministry (predecessor to Artios) and has served as an instructor for Artios. He holds a master’s in Education in Online Curriculum and Instruction, and is scheduled to complete a master’s in Divinity in 2022.
Brian brings valuable experience in developing online programs and curriculum, but most importantly, he brings a passion for the gospel and ministry. 

— Loren Gjesdal, Co-Director

Artios Christian College

A Faithful Savior

The fourth quarter lessons focus on God’s faithfulness to Israel in her Exodus and how her stories are examples of His faithfulness to us, in Christ. Whatever happens, the Bible has taught us to say, “But God is faithful” (1 Corinthians 10:13).

To order copies of A Faithful Savior, visit the online store at

Extra, Extra! 

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