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I write this article as one who has earned a master’s degree in education from the University of Southern California and secondary education teaching credentials from the State of California and the State of Oregon. I have taught students within three public school districts. Both my parents were public schoolteachers, as were one of my brothers and my wife. Despite that involvement, I am delighted that each of my three children and their spouses are homeschooling their children.

In some school districts within the United States, children are taught traditional values and subjects, but far too many of our schools have become indoctrination centers of our increasingly anti-God society. The news has shown student demonstrations on college campuses against Jewish people, and supporting terrorists who wish to exterminate them. Online videos reveal university students unable to answer basic questions about the geography and government of their own country. They violently protest in favor of issues and ideologies they know even less about.

Many families within our General Conference have decided that their children are far too valuable and vulnerable to entrust to public schools. They have concluded that “Caesar’s” schools are designed to produce students who share Caesar’s values that often contradict biblical values. Therefore, parents have removed their children from public schools and enrolled them in private schools, or have chosen to educate them at home. Cooperatives of homeschoolers are springing up everywhere as parents and Christian educators band together to provide educational opportunities in line with Christian values and classical methods and subjects.

Other GC leaders and I support these parents and others who desire to follow their example. We hope to build a repository of information, available to anyone, of homeschool organizations, materials, and methodologies. If you are a homeschooler interested in helping us build this, please email your information to

— Loren Stacy

GC President