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The General Conference’s board of directors held its annual winter meeting in Dallas, Texas, February 18-21. Board members are Dennis O’Banion (chairman), Kirk Grant (vice-chairman), Wayne Hrenyk (secretary), Greg Lincoln (treasurer), Ruben Beard, Narciso Betances, Ron Cummings, Tim Endecott, Daniel Flores Jr., Neftali Hernandez, Raul Romo, and Reuben Zaragoza.

General Conference President Loren Stacy and Executive Director Jody McCoy also attended the entirety of this meeting. Accountant Dawn Wayman and Communications Director Jamin Teran attended portions of the meeting to make presentations to the board.

Our board of directors wields all of the authority of the membership when the membership itself is not gathered to conduct the business of our church, with one exception: The board may not amend the General Conference bylaws. During its annual winter meeting, the board receives reports, requests, and recommendations from the president and the staff he leads. It also considers the state of the General Conference as a whole and evaluates the president’s performance during the previous year. The president is accountable to the board for everything that takes place in the districts, GC Ministries, and departments. The membership delegates responsibility and authority to the board of directors, and the board delegates responsibility and authority to the president and directs him by means of board policies. Additionally, the board perfects and adopts a budget for the GC and its Ministries for the upcoming fiscal year (April 1 – March 31).

In even-numbered years, the board also considers the president’s appointments of Ministries directors and district superintendents. During its February meeting, the board confirmed the appointments of Makayla Ross and Loren Gjesdal as co-directors of Artios Christian College, Keith Michalak and Jason Overman as co-directors of Publications, and Bryan Cleeton as director of Missions Ministries. It also approved all of the current district superintendents: Orville Rose (Western Canada), Larry Zaragoza (West Coast), Ronald Rousseau (Central), Chip Hinds (Southwest), Aubrey (Bill) Williams (Eastern Canada), Heber Vega (Northeast), and Steve Krome (Southeast).

Board of directors meetings always include daily time for prayer and the ministry of the Word of God. With God’s guidance and blessings, 2024 is bound to be another good year.

— Loren Stacy

GC President