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If there were a contest to determine the top ten most heard phrases these past few months, I’d submit uncertain times. It seems that every television commercial, corporate email, and newscast contains at least one sentence that begins, “In these uncertain times. . . .”
These times certainly are uncertain. An unseen and previously unknown threat, COVID-19, suddenly changed our lives. Some people became seriously ill, and many more became seriously afraid. Businesses closed. Churches didn’t meet in person. Hundreds of thousands lost their jobs. Will things ever return to what they were before? We don’t know. Uncertain times.
I am, however, certain about these three things:
• The Church of God (Seventh Day) is alive and well. Within the United States and Canada, congregations are livestreaming worship services, Zooming Bible studies, and staying in touch electronically. District superintendents and area representatives continue to communicate. Artios Christian College, Missions, and Bible Advocate Press haven’t missed a beat, thanks to technologies available. Our Denver offices have remained open to serve us.
• Our local congregations, districts, and Conference continue to need tithes and offerings. Budgeted expenses are being cut to the bone. Scheduled salary raises have been withheld. Leadership meetings, Super Sabbaths, retreats, and camps are being cancelled. Leaders are doing everything possible to protect the financial health of our church, but many expenses cannot be eliminated. We continue to need the tithes and offerings of our members.
• The almighty God we serve and in whom we trust remains in absolute control. Nothing that is happening surprises Him or overwhelms Him. Throughout human history, God has demonstrated His faithfulness to those who place themselves in His hands. Present difficulties never annul God’s eternal promises and plans.
I am uncertain of much. But God, His mission, and His promised outcomes are not among them. Keep faith with God!
— Loren Stacy