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Our world has no shortage of bad news today. But for all the bad news, there is good news as well, and Christians are ambassadors of it.  

With this in mind, the Bible Advocate is dedicating our six issues of 2022 to what must be the heart of our faith: the gospel. The Greek word evangelion translates to gospel in English, and both mean “good news.” What is the good news that we are heralds of? In a single word, Jesus! We want to spend the year focused on “the gospel of God . . . concerning His Son” (Romans 1:1-4) and why “the gospel of Jesus . . . [and] the kingdom” (Mark 1:1, 14) is the good news we need right now. 

As “Living the Gospel” indicates, believers are heralds of the gospel not only in word but also in deed. We must proclaim the gospel, and we must live it. 

So join our 2022 journey as we explore the gospel. In addition to instructive Bible-focused articles, we welcome your testimonies about witnessing, outreach, and discipleship. Please visit (About/Write for Us) for a breakdown of topics for each issue. 

Church of God members can send articles in a Word document, with contact name and submission information, to Be sure to review our writer’s guidelines on our website for submission details.