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A team of volunteers works years in advance to identify locations for conventions. Considerations include ease of travel, costs of hotels and food, and area attractions for those of you taking vacation time. Contracts are crafted months ahead of time to benefit attendees and the GC Conference, while convention sites are, of course, wanting to meet their budgets. We have been blessed with favorable contracts. In many cases, the local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has granted us thousands of dollars if certain criteria are met. You are an important part of meeting those contractual issues.

Specifically, we have contractual agreements concerning the number of rooms we book at hotels and the amount of money we spend on food. If we don’t meet our contracted minimum room nights (the sleeping rooms you book) and purchase $25,000 in meal tickets collectively, we will lose the over $100,000 that has been granted to us to help pay for the Convention Center. Your little extra spending affords big savings!

If every person who registers for convention purchases just one meal ticket, we could meet our meal ticket minimum.

Hotel rooms booked through the official registration link, to be included in the registration process, guarantees that our organization receives credit for your room. Rooms reserved through discount sites or hotel points will not count as our group rooms.