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The (West Coast) district Women’s Ministries hosted a Women’s Retreat June 2-4, with more than 100 women participating. This year’s theme, based on John 15:5, was “Abide in Me.” At the private retreat center in Oakhurst, CA, featured speakers included Barb Burrell, Aracely Robles, and Jennifer Stucker. Worship was led by Debbie and Danielle Hawkins, Genesis Robles, and Gigi Flores. Session themes included having a relationship with Jesus, abiding in Christ, and living fruitful lives — fruit that will last.

In small group sessions, attendees participated in practical application methods and prayed for each other in our spiritual growth. They made a branch and vine bracelet to help us remember what we learned during this spiritual weekend.

We not only received biblical instruction and enjoyed sweet fellowship but also honored our spiritual leaders. We gave them words of encouragement and prayed for them as they continue to serve God according to His good purpose.

Attendees were given discipleship tools to use in their home church after the retreat. Comments from participants about their experience: “God brought a lot of women together for His honor and glory and a lot of healing and restoration took place.” “Very inspirational — I was really blessed, as this was a much-needed retreat.” “Lord, thank You for moving amongst your women through Your Holy Spirit during this retreat.”

— Jennifer Stucker

Women’s Ministry Director