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The Central District has not held many inter-church events recently (camps, retreats, Super Sabbaths, etc.) because of the pandemic. However, the district superintendent arranged for various ministers to go to local churches to bless and encourage them. Here are a few highlights. 

Elder Mike Vlad and his wife, Debbie, worked hard for a full weekend assisting the church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In North Platte, Nebraska, Elder Monico Muffley and his wife, Martha, baptized and encouraged new members. They also performed special personal prayer and counseling ministries. 

Elder David Lozano preached and taught in the Philadelphia church (Chicago). In Schuyler, Nebraska, Elder Noe Reyes spent a full weekend for a revival with the sizeable congregation there. Elder Juan Arzet and Brother Carlos Garcia (Cicero and Damen churches in Chicago) have evangelized extensively and assisted with special needs of many people in a remote area of Guatemala.

Two special evangelism projects are happening in the Central District. One is sponsored by the district board, using nine churches and many copies of our GC book This We Believe. In the second evangelism project, Elders Mike Vlad and Larry Zaragoza will travel to some of our local churches in the district to train members in effective one-on-one evangelism. Right now, they are scheduled to be at Addison (Chicago) and possibly Colorado Springs.

We hope and pray that our district ministry events, camps, retreats, and Super Sabbaths will be restored to their normal and effective pace in 2022 freed of the pandemic’s existence and effect.