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1941 – 2023


Nathan Lee Lawson was born September 14, 1941, in Harrisburg, Oregon, to Don and Ollie Lawson. He passed away November 26, 2023, at age 82.

His siblings were Archie, Betty, Emma, Don Joseph, Dale, Mary Sue, and Kenneth. Nathan and his wife, Ellen, had two children, Phillip and Sharene.

In 1964, Nathan entered the ministry at Midwest Bible College (MBC), where his brothers Dale and Ken attended. All three were ordained in 1966.

While at MBC, Nathan was assigned as a student pastor of the Kansas City church. He drove 75 miles three Sabbaths a month to speak there and take care of local pastoral needs. Upon his graduation, Nathan accepted pastoral assignments in Lodi and Stockton, California, pastoring them at the same time.

The Lawsons moved to Nampa, Idaho, where Nathan pastored for several years and did double duty as superintendent of the Canadian District. After a number of years, they moved from Nampa to Conroe, Texas, and finished their pastoral ministry there. No matter where Nathan pastored, the congregations grew. In all four of the major churches he served, there were nearly, or often well over, 100 on Sabbath.

In addition to his ministry as a pastor and district superintendent, Nathan served on the License and Credentials Committee and executive board.

Nathan is survived by his children; siblings Dale, Mary Sue, and Ken; two granddaughters; and two great-grandchildren, with a third on the way. His wife preceded him in death a number of years ago.