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In the past, like many of you, I’ve lived through wars both hot and cold. I’ve stood in line to be vaccinated against horrible diseases and waited in longer lines, hoping to get a rationed necessity: gasoline. I’ve suffered financial loss and prayed to recover as the economy crashed, then slowly grew strong again. I’ve been unable to attend church services because of social unrest and riots. And I’ve struggled to remain hopeful through horrible political election cycles and the administrations of leaders with whom I’ve completely disagreed.

But this year, 2020, it’s “déjà vu all over again” — and it seems to be hitting us all at once! What’s worse, we’ve been denied needed human contact and comfort for long periods of time. We’ve stayed home. We’ve “social distanced.” We’ve covered our faces, preventing ourselves from knowing if people are smiling or frowning. Depression and discouragement have spread a vague uneasiness that something is very wrong. Emotions have often overcome common sense, and rational discussions about some topics have become impossible.

What shall we do? Focus on Jesus and follow His plan! Remember and share the gospel. From the beginning, our unchanging God has had an unchanging mission and plan to reconcile His amazing creation to Himself in Christ Jesus. Because Jesus died for our sins, we who believe are saved from the coming wrath of God against sin, and we are invited to join God in His great work as ministers of reconciliation and ambassadors for Christ. No present circumstance or cause is more important. Nothing must be allowed to distract us.

In 1973, singer/songwriter Andraé Crouch penned the lyrics to
“Jesus Is the Answer,” affirming that He is the only solution for our world today. His beloved song is as true and relevant today as it has ever been. In spite of all that is happening throughout the United States and Canada, your General Conference staff members — district and Denver — remain on task and available. Whatever your role may be, please join us. Keep the main thing the main thing. Focus on Jesus and follow His plan!

— Loren Stacy