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Pastors throwing paper airplanes in church?! Yes — along with their congregations! As part of their instruction, Moises and Pete Capetillo used the exercise to illustrate how we do not always hit the target we aim for in being a welcoming church.

The Capetillos’ insightful, motivating information was part of a Super Sabbath for Northwest churches that took place March 4 in Harrisburg, Oregon. Over 300 attendees learned how the art of being a welcoming church involves everyone, from the parking lot to the pew and back again. We all work together to create a culture that welcomes both the visitor and the member.

We had immediate opportunity to put our learning to practice as we welcomed the Lynden, Washington congregation into the General Conference. A new congregation, children’s specials, excellent worship, prayer time, impactful teaching, and wonderful fellowship made a full day a truly Super Sabbath!

— Loren Gjesdal