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Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. 

– W. Edwards Deming 

Recently, Pastor Andy Stanley personalized that quote for a gathering of church leaders: “Your [church] system is perfectly designed to get the results you’re getting.” The concept is simple: A given result is the product of a given process. Therefore, if we want to change the result we are getting, we need to change the process (system) we are using.

Responses to a survey of pastors and other leaders within the General Conference, conducted months ago, indicate that many are dissatisfied with results achieved in evangelism and growing new believers toward spiritual maturity. They are not seeing the number of baptisms they hope to see or observing the spiritual growth they hope to observe. What system or process is producing these unsatisfactory results? Unfortunately, it appears that the evangelism and mentoring system within many of our congregations is to have no intentional evangelism and mentoring system. Said another way, the system is to continue to do what has always been done and hope for better results.

Because a different system is needed in our church, a GC Evangelism and Disciple-Making Task Force is developing tools and training for GC congregations. We are imagining a system in which every member is trained to share the gospel. They would consider telling people about Jesus and leading people to a personal relationship with Jesus to be as normal as breathing. We are imagining a system in which every GC congregation is a welcoming church, a safe and nurturing place for Jesus seekers and for new believers. And we are imagining a system in which every congregation offers vibrant, Christ-centered small groups in which people may be brought to Jesus and grow in Him. 

Part of this system is already available and being implemented. More is on the way! What’s your system?

— Loren Stacy

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