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If I remember correctly, this special occasion has been celebrated since 2010. This year’s theme, “Living for God’s Glory,” was chosen to match our current quarterlies that have been teaching us to live for God by discipleship and sharing His love. Many groups kept the suggested scripture, 1 Peter 4:7-10, to love one another and share Jesus’ love with those who do not know Him. 

The first Sabbath in March was originally chosen for this event, but it has been expanded to include any Sabbath available for the local churches. It has nothing to do with the secular month of women empowerment but with God welcoming all of us to serve as His disciples, proclaiming the

good news to everyone. 

If you can join in this celebration, think about what would work best for your local congregation. Please enjoy the photos of some groups that participated. You can see by their smiling faces that these ladies live for God’s glory and His glory only!