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Despite today’s challenges with the pandemic, our district is showing signs of growth and cooperation: steady attendance of visitors to the Calgary and Parkland congregations; requests for membership/affiliation by some of the attendees; recent baptisms in Parkland (pictured); successful workday in Calgary; strengthening our core of volunteers in teaching youth and adult lessons; and volunteer speakers online and locally in various groups.

Our online ministries continue to benefit our members-at-large and others in congregations. Ongoing Zoom presentations of Sabbath school and worship services outside of Calgary, along with Monday evening prayer meetings, have been shored up with the biweekly Bible study from Parkland.

Closing out October (Pastor Appreciation Month), nothing is more encouraging or rewarding than to know you are not alone. No one pastor or superintendent can keep a district advancing to God’s glory.

While the undercurrent of the pandemic is causing divisive tremors in our ranks, God is graciously building us up through the dedication of two local church elders. Weeks and months on end, their quiet dedication encourages and stabilizes their congregations. My task is made that much easier, as I’m not bogged down with the daily logistics of these groups, leaving more time for other tasks.

We praise God for these men and our progress!