Western Canada

The final quarter of 2023 saw the district continuing a spectacular year of multiple baptisms. It has been a heart-warming and encouraging time as the younger attendees are becoming engaged and [...]


On September 23, with the blessing of a gentle rain at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, four young souls took a profound step in their faith journey. The serene waters bore witness as they [...]


On June 10, six older and younger converts publicly dedicated their lives to Christ through water baptism. It was an exceptional time of rejoicing as the church gathered by the river to witness [...]


The annual campout, hosted by the Parkland congregation, took place July 28-30. Despite the lower-than-expected turnout, the district members enjoyed a Spirit-filled family time on the vast, lush [...]

Super Sabbath.

On August 19, the Calgary congregation hosted their annual Super Sabbath. Upwards of 130 brethren and visitors came from near and far to share in a day packed with inspiration, encouragement, and [...]

Growing the Church

As the district continues to focus on evangelism and membership updates, God is growing His church in astounding ways. Despite setbacks, He has been adding complete families and new families to [...]

Super Sabbath.

Members gathered October 8 to celebrate Thanksgiving Super Sabbath at the Parkland church. From the furthest reaches of the district, upwards of 100 brethren and friends came to be encouraged by [...]

Refreshing time.

Upwards of 60 district brethren gathered July 14-17 at Silver Meadows Campground for the annual family campout, hosted by the Parkland congregation. Old friends renewed theircommitments to the [...]


On July 9, the Calgary congregation rejoiced as three brethren publicly demonstrated their commitment to follow Christ by being baptized. The public “laying on of hands” at the parkemphasized to [...]

Super Sabbath.

Brethren came from near and far to join in the Calgary congregation’s annual Super Sabbath on August 13. Elder Jason Overman, Bible Advocate editor, encouraged us to “Come and See,” giving all a [...]

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