Growing the Church

As the district continues to focus on evangelism and membership updates, God is growing His church in astounding ways. Despite setbacks, He has been adding complete families and new families to [...]

Super Sabbath.

Members gathered October 8 to celebrate Thanksgiving Super Sabbath at the Parkland church. From the furthest reaches of the district, upwards of 100 brethren and friends came to be encouraged by [...]

Refreshing time.

Upwards of 60 district brethren gathered July 14-17 at Silver Meadows Campground for the annual family campout, hosted by the Parkland congregation. Old friends renewed theircommitments to the [...]


On July 9, the Calgary congregation rejoiced as three brethren publicly demonstrated their commitment to follow Christ by being baptized. The public “laying on of hands” at the parkemphasized to [...]

Super Sabbath.

Brethren came from near and far to join in the Calgary congregation’s annual Super Sabbath on August 13. Elder Jason Overman, Bible Advocate editor, encouraged us to “Come and See,” giving all a [...]

Ladies Day

It has been nigh unto a decade since the General Conference coordinated Ladies Sabbath. The Calgary CoG7 celebrated this event on March 19. There was great anticipation, as the pandemic had [...]

Celebration Sabbath.

The Calgary congregation considered the Sabbath following Lord’s Supper a reason to celebrate, to remember what Christ has done for humanity. It was a special time as well to invite friends to [...]

Mile High meeting.

The GC’s annual Leadership Meeting took place April 4-6 in Denver. District superintendents and Ministries leaders joined GC President Loren Stacy and Executive Director Jody McCoy to discuss [...]

A Growing District

Despite today’s challenges with the pandemic, our district is showing signs of growth and cooperation: steady attendance of visitors to the Calgary and Parkland congregations; requests for [...]

Making Up for Lost Time

The past year and a half has challenged our district psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. We’ve endured the roller coaster ride of opening and closing the church doors; of distancing, [...]

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