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The final quarter of 2023 saw the district continuing a spectacular year of multiple baptisms. It has been a heart-warming and encouraging time as the younger attendees are becoming engaged and decide to take the next step of committing their lives to Christ.

On October 7, our Parkland congregation had its annual Super Sabbath. Pastor Jason Overman was dynamic as he encouraged the over 115 members in attendance to experience the difference it makes when one encounters Christ.

November 25 saw the Calgary FYC youth leading out in the services for the day as we celebrated another resoundingly successful Youth Sabbath. Their dual speakers exhorted us on the benefit and relevance of relying on God through prayer.

As we close a year marked by various challenges, we thank God for the many families that have visited our district congregations and decided to make one their home church. May God continue to bless and establish you all.