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Don’t have time to read the Bible Advocate? No problem! The new AudioBA is just the thing for busy people or for readers who want to experience the magazine in a different way. You can listen on the website or download the files to your favorite electronic device.

The January-February and March-April issues are available for downloading or livestreaming. Thanks to Tabitha and Isaac Overman for their terrific work in reading and recording.

Here are some responses to the January-February audio version:

What a blessing! Tabi had a great voice for this project and her pacing is excellent. Isaac has done an equally amazing job of editing as well. — M. S. 

Great work! The transformation of the BA is amazing. Determined and focused on leadership. The Church is marching on. — G. U. 

Great job, Tabi and Isaac. Fantastic audio presentation of the BA. This issue was full of interesting articles as usual. It will be good to have the audio available to enjoy. — B. S. B. 

Praise the Lord for giving you this plan. I love that now we have the audio, and thanks to my brother and sister for putting it together. They did a great job. — J. J.

This is wonderful. This is “change,” the only constant that we have. God bless you and your family for your vision and work. — L. H. R.