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March 14-15, just before the shut down for COVID-19, the Central District board completed its 2020 meeting in St Paul, Minnesota.
Extra time was spent working to increase the effective Ministry Program, which consists of all our camps, retreats, and Super Sabbaths. There are well over 25 of these valuable camping and fellowship events in our district.
The board signed a letter of thanks to Crist Romero (Waukegan, Illinois), who completed a four-year term working with our translation needs. She also helped organize and work personally with the growing number of members-at-large in our twelve-state district.
Due to a generous contribution from Still Waters Prairie Retreat in Alfred, North Dakota, we approved a committee to manage these funds. It will assist all Central District Pastoral Program students taking classes at Artios by covering all their tuition costs.
Perhaps like every district, much of our meeting was consumed with trying to create a balanced budget. New appointments for the coming year were made, the budget was adopted, and the minutes were approved. Then everybody scrambled to get home as news of the pandemic and coming shutdown threatened.