COVID-19 Response

When the coronavirus hit the Central District, nearly 100 members contracted it. Two of them passed away, and others were in serious condition. Many of our congregations were hit with [...]


Several pastors of the SWD are reopening their churches at 50 percent capacity, or some at full capacity, depending on the restrictions of their city and state. Many of them have created videos [...]

Pastoral support.

On June 25 the SWD pastors received encouragement and support from Elder Whaid Rose. Gathering on Zoom, more than 50 pastors were motivated to have Jesus in their hearts all the time. This way, [...]

Ministering God’s Way

My family and I had just come home from spending time with our family in Arizona, only to enter quarantine on March 15. We wanted to start on our district travels, beginning with our biannual [...]

Board Meeting

March 14-15, just before the shut down for COVID-19, the Central District board completed its 2020 meeting in St Paul, Minnesota. Extra time was spent working to increase the effective Ministry [...]

Legacy of leadership

The SWD Leadership Team had its annual meeting in San Antonio, TX, on March 8, centering on the theme “Building a Legacy of Leadership.” Team members heard from different CoG7 national leaders [...]

Prayer and praise

Twenty-six sisters from San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Kerrville, and Laredo gathered on March 15 at our sister church in Artesia Wells, TX. Focusing on the theme “Don’t Give Up!” they prayed and [...]

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