Welcoming Churches.

On January 20, more than 200 brethren gathered at New Hope church in San Antonio for a Welcoming Churches workshop, presented by Moises and Pete Capetillo of Albuquerque, NM. This workshop is one [...]


The Central church in El Paso celebrated its 27th anniversary on December 30, 2023. The members thank God for all the time He has been by their side and for allowing them to continue worshipping [...]


Fellow “newborn” brethren in the El Paso church were baptized January 6: Francisco Sandoval, Abel Hernandez, Mary Anne Pinon, and Luis Meras. They all said goodbye to the old man and hello to [...]

New church.

On October 28, the Mensajeros de Cristo congregation in San Elizario, TX, was recognized as a new church in our district. Superintendent Chip Hinds and Area 6 Representative Frank Arroyos were [...]

Community outreach.

The Ceralvo church in San Antonio, TX, hosted a community outreach event in their neighborhood on October 28. They thank God and all our members who helped make this a blessed event. May God move [...]

Quarterly service.

On December 22-23, the Risen Life church in Midland, TX, hosted the first quarterly service since the pandemic started. Attendees from all over Area 6 joined in worship, praise, and fellowship [...]

Purity tips.

On November 11, we celebrated a Pajama Party Night at the El Paso Central church, sponsored by the Women’s Department and organized by Claudia Herrera and Graciela Trejo. After a meal, Sister [...]

Leadership meeting.

The Area 1 leadership conducted a meeting in Grand Prairie, TX, on October 22 to select new members of the pastoral board. They also discussed the concept of trust among leaders and provided ways [...]