Field day.

On October 23, the Area 1 Children’s Ministry held a field day that included several workshops to help build Christian families. One of the main speakers, Tati Martinez, founder and director of [...]

Men “on the vine.”

A men’s retreat held November 18-20 in Jasper, AR, included several district speakers who developed the theme “Remain on the Vine” in their presentations. One hundred twenty-five men enjoyed [...]

Marriage retreat.

Forty-six couples from around the district gathered December 2-4 in Houston, TX, for a blessed retreat. The workshops, activities, and fellowship filled them with great joy. Fernando and Maribel [...]

Youth rally.

On December 10, the youth of Area 1 gathered at the Piedra Angular church in Dallas, TX, for a youth rally. Participants attended a variety of workshops and heard a presentation by the main [...]


On December 17, the El Paso church celebrated another year at their current local church, where they’ve held a special yearly event called “Café del Recuerdo” (Remembrance Coffee). It was a joy [...]

Youth rally.

On September 3, 96 students gathered in San Antonio, TX, to learn about “Growing the Good Fruits” in their life. Youth from Tahlequah and Tulsa, OK; Jasper, AR; Corpus Christi, San Antonio, [...]

Personal evangelism.

On October 1, Area 6 underwent personal evangelism training with West Coast District Superintendent Larry Zaragoza and Elder Mike Vlad. More than 65 brethren attended the session at the Tree of [...]

Blessed retreat.

The National Hispanic Women’s Retreat took place during Labor Day weekend in Dallas, TX. Sisters from the Dallas churches gathered for worship, fellowship, and learning. Pastor Daniel Flores, [...]

Evangelism workshop.

Larry Zaragoza and Mike Vlad led a Personal Evangelism workshop on September 10 at the Jasper, AR church. They covered how to present the gospel in an easy way that everyone can do. More than 65 [...]