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The Albuquerque, New Mexico church blessed the Southwest District with the Super Sabbath Quarterly (Area 6) on July 24-25. The theme was “Time to Trust.”

Morning worship was led by our sister church in El Paso, Texas-Central. Pastor Raymundo Ramos urged the Church to trust in God because He is the only one who guides, saves, and provides strength when we face tribulations.

In addition to worship led by the Albuquerque worship team and Tree of Life in El Paso, Texas, we enjoyed special music from brethren in Phoenix, Arizona, California, and Wisconsin. Pastors from different areas answered questions, and Superintendent Chip Hinds encouraged attendees to be financially faithful in their local churches and to pray for the Church. Elder Daniel Flores advised us to place our trust in Jesus Christ regardless of the storms we face today.

Super Sabbath ended with a prayer service, where attendees placed all their burdens in God’s hands. Thanks to all the pastors, translators, worship teams, media team, volunteers, and more who served at this special event.