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Note: The following testimony by Esther Winchell is in response to From War to Peace, the personal story of her husband, Tom, and what Christ has done in his life. It is part of the GC’s “My Transformation Story” video series at (News/Featured Videos). We invite you to view these stories and share them with others.

As Tom and I were taking a friend to the airport one day, my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but I had a feeling I should answer the call. The only ID was Nashville,Tennessee. When I answered it, the man asked if I was Tom Winchell. I told him he was driving and would call him back.

The man’s name was Tony. He went on to tell me that he had gone to high school with Tom and had just watched his testimony on YouTube. In fact, he watched it twice and was amazed at the change in Tom and wanted to tell him that he was glad he found peace and forgiveness. He also told me that he had lost track of Tom. The last he had heard, Tom had gone into the service. Tony wanted us to know that he was going to have his kids watch the video about this man that he went to high school with and how God had changed his life.

I told Tony, “Tom has to hear this” and handed Tom the phone. They spoke a little while (we were in Detroit and traffic was terrible), and Tom decided to call him back. Tom told me that he was friends with Tony and another guy, and that they were called The Three Amigos.

We just never know whose life we are going to touch by sharing what Jesus has done in our lives. This call really encouraged Tom. He couldn’t believe the video had reached someone he actually knew.

I thank Heber Vega and the Northeast District for giving this opportunity to Tom and investing in him.