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The Southeast District held a youth leader training and planning meeting March 17-19 at Camp Adrian, Georgia. Twenty-eight youth leaders attended.

Superintendent Steve Krome announced the appointment of our new district Youth Ministry directors, Jonathan and Elizabeth Unzueta, from Lakeland, Florida (pictured here with their family). Cesar Medrano is the new district music director, and Jo Allison Krome will fill the role of district administrative coordinator.

On Friday evening, Cesar led a short worship service and prayer to open our time together. Jo Allison Krome concluded her time as the district youth retreat coordinator with the presentation “Understanding the Culture, Beliefs, and Motivations of the Next Generation.” On Sabbath morning, after worship in song, Superintendent Krome gave a message titled “Ten Guidelines for Youth Leaders.” Organization matters were discussed and plans made for the 2023 winter retreat, ending with an evening of fellowship.

We all came away refreshed, encouraged, and invigorated in the continuation of the youth ministry of the Southeast District.