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The Fairview, Oklahoma church, the first CoG7 organized in the state of Oklahoma, is celebrating 127 years of ministry. Its beginning dates back before statehood when Oklahoma, then Indian territory, was opened for settlement.

Generations of Church of God folks with roots in the Fairview church now reside all over the country. Some of the ministers who served there through the years were A. Craig, C. Adams, C. Faubion, R. Marrs, Hawkins (Haskell and Enis), F. Walker, L. Hadden, K. Knoll, R. Sanders, and Burrell (Calvin, Ivan, Denis, and Titus). O. T. Whitten and K. C. Walker were the traveling evangelists.

Throughout the years, changes have occurred in the membership and have been made to the church building. But the gospel that the congregation studies on Sabbath mornings is the Word of the never-changing God.

     Bryan and Mary Sue Burrell

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