Kenneth “Ken” Knoll

1946 – 2018 Kenneth Glen Knoll (72) was born May 14, 1946, in New Auburn, Wisconsin, to his parents, Irvin and Naomi Knoll. He died November 29, 2018, in Springfield, Oregon, surrounded by [...]

Working Together

The NASB begins 2 Corinthians 6:1: “And working together with Him [God]. . . .” Paul writes something similar in 1 Corinthians 3:9: “For we [Paul, Apollos, and other believers] are God’s fellow [...]

Thank You, Sylvia!

Recently, Sylvia Corral retired from her vital role as translator for the General Conference — what she calls “a precious and unbelievable chapter of my life.” Sylvia is precious to us too! For [...]

Planning Youth Retreat

The Southeast District Youth Retreat Planning Committee met February 21-22 at the Ramada Inn in Jacksonville, Florida. Committee members elected a chairperson (Sister Allison Krome) and vice [...]

New members

Congratulations to Ruben Arzet, leader of the Philadelphia (IL) church, and the leadership team in Chicago, IL. In the last four years, the Central District has added 276 new members, and the [...]

Training teachers

On February 18-19, the SWD Children’s Ministry had its first training for teachers at the Galena Park church. Both speakers provided skills, curriculum, and a vast variety of examples for [...]

Learning to Please God

On Saturday, January 25, the El Paso Central church held its quarterly evangelism service. Special guest speaker Martin Luevano from our sister church, Sparks, delivered the sermon titled “What [...]

Outreach to children

On February 15, youth and young adults from our sister church Nueva Vida Arlington (Area 1), in partnership with a local organization, ministered to children in our communities. As they went door [...]

Gaining vision and mission

Thirty-two pastors and leaders of Area 1 gathered February 9 at our sister church in Dallas to train, inform, and schedule upcoming events in the area. Pastor Ramon Ruiz taught the class “Jesus’ [...]

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