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The Southeast District Youth Retreat Planning Committee met February 21-22 at the Ramada Inn in Jacksonville, Florida. Committee members elected a chairperson (Sister Allison Krome) and vice chairperson (Sister Sharon Modeste). Other committee members are Andre Campbell, Jon Unzueta, Kelly Berduo, Silverio Sanchez, Walter Apen, and Patrick George (unable to attend). Committee family members also attended the meeting and were recruited into service for leadership at the upcoming retreat: Kandi Campbell, Maria and Jessica Sanchez, Joel Modeste, and Lilly Apen.

The retreat theme will be “Who You Say I Am” and will take place December 18-21 at the DaySpring Conference Center in Parish, Florida. A lot of preparation was accomplished during this meeting, like deciding speakers and activities, and much more will be done in the future.

Special thanks to all the committee members who willingly sacrifice their time and energy for our district youth!