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Not everything about the current pandemic has been negative. The Church of God (Seventh Day) in Albuquerque, like many churches worldwide, has learned to adapt and innovate as we continue to worship. The pandemic has forced us to close many worship centers, but the center of our worship, Jesus, continues to visit those who glorify the name of our almighty God.

God has helped us improve our inter-communication. Our commitment to fasting and praying deepens, and the worship to our Lord and Shepherd continues regardless of current limitations.

In March 2020, places of worship in our state could no longer be allowed to assemble in large groups. Our church took that as a challenge to ensure that families would continue to fight the good fight, socially separate, but be united as a body of Christ.

We have endured by carrying out a number of projects, such as a continuous “fasting chain,” church-wide prayer time, Bible studies, midweek virtual service, and a greeting parade, with signs of encouragement for each member’s house and prayer for the families.

When the cold of winter pains a tree, it may seem that the tree has lost the battle. Its leaves are gone. However, during the winter, that tree digs its roots deeper into the ground in search of scarce water. When spring returns, it comes to life, more robust than before, its roots fixed in the soil.

In the same way, we as a church can and must allow this winter to take its course. However, we must not ignore the opportunity to dig deeper into the ground. When spring comes, may God allow us to be stronger churches because while we worshipped, we seized the opportunity to adapt and innovate.