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The General Conference board of directors held its annual meeting in Denver, Colorado, February 16-19. All members of the board, officers, and executive staff were present.

Each morning commenced with a time singing worship songs, devotion, and prayer. Board members visited the Denver offices and had lunch with the office staff, in addition to being updated on several ongoing strategic initiatives.
The board took the following actions:

  •  Reviewed the 2020 Pastoral Self-Assessment Report;
  • Amended its policy on legal immigration status as a requirement for all staff employed by the Conference, a district, or a local congregation;
  • Requested to conduct a review of all district policies and procedures;
  •  Approved the Conference president’s appointments of administrative personnel;
  •  Conducted its annual performance evaluation of the Conference president;
  •  Adopted a Conference budget for the fiscal period April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021.

As a result of various submissions made to the board, including a legal opinion, it updated its policy on legal immigration status. The policy now states:

Whereas, The Board desires to protect the integrity of the ministry of the church;

Whereas, The Board desires to minimize the risk of sudden disruption in leadership throughout the conference and in local congregations;

Whereas, The Board desires to remain obedient to the Scriptural instruction to be truthful and obey civil authorities in all matters that do not infringe on the practice of our faith in Jesus Christ;

Whereas, The Board desires to remain good stewards of the resources of the conference and encourage good stewardship for affiliated local congregations;

Be It Resolved, That all individuals hired, including part-time and temporary employees in the General Conference, Districts or local congregations are required to have legal immigration status in the United States or Canada.

On behalf of the Conference board,
Samuel Holland, Chairman
Conference Board of Directors