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The pastors/leaders of our 244 churches are in the best position to assess the health of our church. As they do this each year, we can see if we’re allowing God’s Spirit to transform us into a vibrant 21st century church. If we’re doing the right things, God will provide our spiritual growth as He uses us to draw others to Him. Year by year, we hope to celebrate our successes together as we grow in Christ.

For 2020, 150 pastors assessed their local congregation’s health. The pastors/leaders used the following metrics:

  • 5. Active Outreach: Our members are actively engaged in ministries that meet spiritual needs (and often physical needs) both inside and outside the church. We have active welcoming teams that introduce guests to other members and help them become a part of the church. We are a welcoming church filled with gratitude for Christ, and possess His grace and His truth in harmony.
  • 4. Active Inreach: Our members are engaged in vibrant youth programs, lively fellowship events, committed prayer groups, and other internal activities. We’re doing well internally, but we lack active outreach programs.
  • 3. Moderate Participation: We have a sufficient pool of volunteers who maintain a routine. Our activities are mostly limited to SS classes, Bible studies, and occasional fellowship events. Our church isn’t growing.
  • 2. Consumer Oriented: We have a limited pool of volunteers who serve a less committed majority.
  • 1. Problem Driven: We struggle with recurring relationship problems.

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